Vaginulinopsis mexicana

SPECIMEN DATA: TYPE NO UCMP 46410 TAXON GROUP foraminifera, benthic FAMILY Lagenidae GENUS Vaginulinopsis SPECIES mexicana SUBSPECIES labocaensis var. ORIG.AUTHOR Blacut and Kleinpell TAXON MOD. STATUS holotype CITATION DATA: AUTHOR Blacut, G. AUTHORS Kleinpell, R.M. DATE 1969/ / TITLE A stratigraphic sequence of benthonic smaller foraminifera from the La Boca Formation, Panama Canal Zone PUBLICATION Contrib. Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research VOLUME 20 PAGES 1-22 ILLUST Pl.1,Fig.8 ORIG. NO UCMP 46410 CITED NO UCMP 46410 LOCALITY DATA: LOCALITY NO UCMP D 1604 CONT./OCEAN Caribbean COUNTRY Panama STATE COUNTY SYSTEM Cenozoic PERIOD Neogene EPOCH Early Miocene FORMATION La Boca Fm.