Uvigerinella californica

SPECIMEN DATA: TYPE NO UCMP 39131 TAXON GROUP foraminifera, benthic FAMILY Uvigerinidae GENUS Uvigerinella SPECIES californica SUBSPECIES ornata ORIG.AUTHOR Cushman TAXON MOD. STATUS hypotype CITATION DATA: AUTHOR Finger, K.L. AUTHORS DATE 1992/05/20 TITLE Biostratigraphic Atlas of Miocene Foraminifera From the Monterey and Modelo Formations, Central and Southern California PUBLICATION Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, Special Pub VOLUME 29 PAGES 1-179 ILLUST Pl.22.Fig.38 ORIG. NO UCMP 39131 CITED NO UCMP 39131 LOCALITY DATA: LOCALITY NO UCMP 12809 CONT./OCEAN North America COUNTRY U.S.A. STATE California COUNTY Orange Co. SYSTEM Cenozoic PERIOD Neogene EPOCH Miocene FORMATION Monterey Fm