Crassidulina crassipunctata

-------------- TAXONOMIC INFORMATION --------------
 Informal Group Name: foraminifera, benthic
 Family: Cassidulinidae
 Genus: Cassidulina
 Species: crassipunctata
 Subspecies: watermanensis n. var.
 UCMP Type number: 45861
 Status: holotype--
-------------- LOCALITY INFORMATION --------------
 Continent or Ocean: North America
 Country: U.S.A.
 State: California
 County: Santa Cruz Co.
 System: Cenozoic
 Period: Neogene
 Epoch: Miocene
 Formation: Vaqueros Fm.
 UCMP Locality Number: B-4373.0000-
-------------- CITATION INFORMATION --------------
 First Author: Fairchild, W.W.
 Additional Authors: Wesendunk, P.R., Weaver,D.W.
 Citation Date: 1969/  /
 Title: Eocene and Oligocene foraminifera from the Santa Cruz mountains, California
 Publication: University of California Publications in Geological Sciences
 Volume: 81
 Page: 69
 Illustrations: unfigured
 Cited Type Number: UCMP 45861