Baggatella californica(41604)

-------------- TAXONOMIC INFORMATION -------------- 
Informal Group Name: foraminifera, benthic 
Family: Rotaliidae 
Genus: Baggatella 
Species: californica 
UCMP Type number: 41604 
Status: holotype--

-------------- LOCALITY INFORMATION -------------- 
Continent or Ocean: North America 
Country: U.S.A. 
State: California 
County: Kern Co. 
System: Cenozoic 
Period: Paleogene 
Epoch: Eocene 
Formation: Tejon Fm. 
UCMP Locality Number: A-7020

-------------- CITATION INFORMATION -------------- 
First Author: Mallory, V.S. 
Additional Authors:  
Citation Date: 1970/  / 
Title: Lower Tertiary Foraminifera from the Media Agua Creek 
Drainage area, Kern County, California 
Publication: Thomas Burke Museum University of Washington Report #2 
Volume: 2 
Page: 136 
Illustrations: unfigured 
Cited Type Number: UCMP 41604