Authors and Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to Geologic Time:


Jim Kurpius. Graduate Student
Rob Guralnick, Former Graduate Student
Jennifer Johnson, Teacher
Anne Monk, Teacher
Judy Scotchmoor, Education Outreach Coordinator
Mark Stefanski, Teacher

Design, Graphics, Programming

Robert Guralnick, Former Graduate Student
Dave Smith, Graphic Designer
Caroline Stromberg, Graduate Student
Rishi Verma, Undergraduate Student
Colleen Whitney, Webmaster

Use of fossils in the UCMP

Diane Erwin, Museum Scientist
Mark Goodwin, Principal Museum Scientist
Pat Holroyd, Museum Scientist
Jane Mason, Senior Preparator
Howard Schorn, Museum Associate
Karen Wetmore Grycewicz, Museum Scientist


The History and Fossil Games are adapted with permission from the 1996 USGS publication Fossils, Rocks and Time. Special thanks to John Pojeta for his assistance.


Earth history book:
Earth and Moon images on page 1 courtesy of NASA (
Lucy pelvis image page 459,600 copyright Henry Gilbert 2003.
History collage:
Images of Abraham Lincoln ( LC-USP6-2415-ADLC) and Women’s suffrage ( LC-USZC4-2996 DLC), both courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division (
Rosie the Riveter-poster image ( NWDNS-179-WP-1563) produced by Westinghouse (J. Howard Miller) for the War Production, Co-Ordinating Committee, courtesy of NARA Still Picture Branch, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division (
Statue of Liberty image courtesy of Statue of Liberty National Monument, NY, National Park Service (
Image of Atlantis 2000, International Space Station ( sts106-375-018.jpg) courtesy of NASA (
Photo of Free Speech Movement, Berkeley Campus ( UARC Pic file 24B:6), courtesy of The Bancroft Library Pictorial Collection: Digital Collection, UC Berkeley (
Photo “Testing Ford Cars at the Plant, ca. 1906” ( P.O.1936) courtesy of Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (
History game:
Image from 1st U.S. Olympics, 1904, in St. Louis, originally printed in Sullivan, J. E., 1905: Spalding’s Official Athletic Almanac for 1905: Special Olympic Number. Olympic Official Reports, 1904. This issue can be obtained as a PDF file at the Virtual Gallery of the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles (

Titanic image courtesy of RMS Titanic, Inc. (

Skateboard model is Danny Russell. Scott Russell posed behind the slinky.
Geologic Time Collages:
Image of Stromatolites (Archaean collage) courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Botanical Images collection.
Image of Stegosaurus (Jurassic collage) courtesy of The Natural History Museum, London (

Editing and Feedback

Paul Bunje, Graduate Student
Amy Lesen, Graduate Student
Jennifer Johnson, Teacher
Anne Monk, Teacher
Judy Scotchmoor, Education Outreach Coordinator