We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to Getting Into the Fossil Record:


Dave Smith, Graphic Designer
Caroline Stromberg, Graduate Student

Background information:

Diane Erwin, Museum Scientist
Pat Holroyd, Museum Scientist
David Lindberg, Director of the Museum of Paleontology
Judy Scotchmoor, Education and Outreach Coordinator

Images and use of fossils:

Karen Chin, University of Colorado, Boulder (for fossil eggs)
Allen Collins, Graduate Student Associate (for living sea urchin)
Diane Erwin, Museum Scientist
Mark Goodwin, Principal Museum Scientist
Pat Holroyd, Museum Scientist
Jane Mason, Senior Preparator
George Poinar, Oregon State University (for ant in amber)
Howard Schorn, Museum Associate
Karen Wetmore Grycewicz, Museum Scientist

Editing and Feedback:

Paul Bunje, Graduate Student
Amy Lesen, Graduate Student
Anne Monk, Teacher
Judy Scotchmoor, Education Outreach Coordinator
Pat Spencer, Teacher—San Francisco Unified School District
Colleen Whitney, Webmaster