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Classroom activity:
Whole Body Ozone Chemistry

In this activity, students play the roles of various atoms and molecules to help them better understand the formation and destruction of ozone in the stratosphere. Here you see a series of pictures as teachers demonstrate the following steps:

1. Molecules of O2 moving about and bumping into one another.

Teachers volunteered to act as oxygen atoms. Before long, O2 molecules were merrily bumping into one another.

2. The breaking apart of the O2 molecules in the presence of UV (flashlight) and the formation of O3.

Teachers simulate the formation of molecules of O3 - ozone

3. The impact of chlorofluorocarbons on the ozone.

And then along come the chlorofluorocarbons and disrupt everything!

The activity Whole Body Ozone Chemistry can be found on the LEARN website.

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