Newsflash! Dinosaur Pages at the UCMP

Robert Guralnick, UCMP Reporter

Hungry for the scoop on the biggest, meanest group of animals to ever roam the Cretaceous? Find out the latest tidbits here! UCMP has some of the most awesome pages on these beasts.

Dinosaurs came in all different shapes and sizes, some huge like the herbivorous sauropod Diplodocus, and some small like Velociraptor. Take your time, explore around. Learn about the diversity of these amazing animals, learn what they ate. But do not panic... these beasts are almost all extinct (but see the BIRDS below!).

Ornithischia "Bird-hipped" dinosaurs
The Ceratopsians with frills galore!
The Hadrosaurs including the good mother lizard
The Heterodontosaurus, with its unusual dentition

Saurischia "Lizard-Hipped" Dinosaurs
Sauropoda - the giant herbivores
Carnosauria - meat eating dinosaurs
Ceratosauria - The Horned Dinosaurs!
Dilophosaurus - one of the stars of Jurassic Park
Coelurosauria, including raptors!
Maniraptora - the "Seizing Hands"
Dromaeosauridae, including Deinonychus, Velociraptor... need we say more!)
Troodontidae - Smart dinos
Therizinosauroidea - Freaky!
Ornithomimidae were bird-mimics
Tyrannisauridae - T. rex and kin
Tyrannosaurus rex

Have you recently seen any dinosaurs flying around your backyard! Of course you have! Birds are the last remaining group of dinosaurs. How do we know? Good question... find out here. Birds are also known as Aves, and we use that term here as well.
AVES (Birds)
Archaeopteryx - "the bird that rocked the world"
Neognathae - from albatrosses to zebra finches
Palaeognathae -- kiwis, ostriches, tinamous,...

Ranging from the size of a sparrow to the size of an airplane, the pterosaurs (Greek for "wing lizards") ruled the skies in the Jurassic and Cretaceous. Though not actually dinosaurs, they are closely related, and included the largest vertebrate ever known to fly: the late Cretaceous Quetzalcoatlus.

Pterosauria (Flying reptiles)