Localities of the Cambrian:

The Aldan River, Siberia

The Lena River and Aldan River flow through some of the wildest country in Siberia. The rocks exposed on their banks contain an enormously rich assemblage of Lower Cambrian fossils, documenting the earliest evolutionary radiations of animals with skeletons. Fossil mollusks, trilobites, brachiopods, and a large number of millimeter-sized, problematic fossils collectively referred to as "small shelly fossils" characterize the fossils of the region.

Localities on the Aldan River have been studied intensely by both Russian and foreign researchers. UCMP professor Jere Lipps was part of an international expedition to the region in 1990.

A few fossils from the Lena River gorge are presented below. Click on a small picture to view an enlarged version.

Bergeroniellus spinosus, a redlichiid trilobite

Pagetiellus sp., an eodiscid trilobite

Photos taken by Jere H. Lipps.