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Species: Taku spinosocarinatus

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Common name: None

Functional type: Smasher

Range: Western Pacific, Japan, Vietnam to Northeaster Australia

Habitat: Reef flats

Depth: 0-5 m

Home: Cavity

Diet: Unknown, probably macro zooplankton

Size: 6 to 24 mm; most individuals under 18 mm; males with fully developed penes at 8 mm

Color: Variable; green, brown or almost black background with white spots

Distinguishing Characters: Telson with 2 pairs of primary teeth, but only submedials well formed. Submedial teeth with 1-3 short spinules, separated by deep V-shaped fissure with short movable apices. Telson dorsal surface with low median carina and 4 pairs of low, appressed longitudinal carinae

Activity: Diurnal, spends most of its time in cavity entrance

Aquarium Requirements:

Temperature: 22–28° C

Salinity: 33–36 PSU

Cohabitants: Because of small size, should not be a threat to most other animals

Aquarium size (adult): 5 l

Aquarium substrate: Cavity in LR or coral rubble

Suitability for Aquarium: Hardy, but reclusive nature and very small size make it difficult to observe or even find

Availability: Rare, occasional hitchhiker in live rock

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