Roy's List of Stomatopods for the Aquarium
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Species: Protosquilla folini

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Common name: None

Functional type: Smasher

Range: Off West Africa from Cape Verde Islands to the Congo

Habitat: Rocks and rubble

Depth: 0–60 m

Home: Cavities in rock and rubble

Diet: Small crustaceans and gastropods

Size: 8–28 mm

Color: Variable but light brown to black body with a white band across the carapace and raptorial merus as well as the sixth abdominal somite, meral spots neutral, red streak on raptorial propodus

Distinguishing Characters: Blue spots on antennae and antennules, dense, short setae cover the dorsal telson

Activity: Diurnal, uses its telson to block cavity entrance

Aquarium Requirements:

Temperature: 22–27° C

Salinity: 32–36 PSU

Cohabitants: Subject to predation by fish

Aquarium size (adult): 10 l

Aquarium substrate: Cavities in coral rubble

Suitability for Aquarium: Reclusive, remaining in cavity at entrance, but hardy

Availability: This is an abundant stomatopod in the Cape Verde Islands, but probably due to its small size, it is rarely exported

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