Roy's List of Stomatopods for the Aquarium
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Species: Bigelowina biminiensis

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Common name: None

Functional type: Spearer

Range: Bahamas and South Carolina to Brazil and Panama

Habitat: Open sandy bottom, some rock

Depth: Low intertidal to 40 m; most common 0-2 m

Home: U-shaped burrows

Diet: Unknown but may take macro zooplankton, small crustaceans

Size: To 6 cm

Color: Body of males tan; adult females often with pink ovary visible; brown patches on tergites interspersed with white chromatophores; antennal scales, legs white.

Distinguishing Characters: Posterolateral angle of carapace with distinctive brown spots lined with bright yellow boarder; yellow and dark brown stripe on posterior edge of 5th abdominal somite, medial pair of dark spots on posterior dorsal telson lined with yellow; cornea subglobular; rostral plate rectangular with apical spine; raptorial dactyl with 6 teeth.

Activity: Sit-and-wait predator from burrow entrance, rarely leaves burrow

Aquarium Requirements:

Temperature: 22–28° C

Salinity: 33–36 PSU

Cohabitants: Unknown but may take small crabs, fish and shrimp

Aquarium size (adult): 10 l

Aquarium substrate: Sand bed at least 15 cm deep

Suitability for Aquarium: Fair; non interactive; require deep sand bed

Availability: Rare

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