Roy's List of Stomatopods for the Aquarium

Species: Acanthosquilla derijardi

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Common name: None

Functional type: Hatchet

Range: Red Sea to New Caledonia

Habitat: Soft substrates

Depth: 0–30 m

Home: Burrows

Diet: Unknown, but probably small crustaceans and mollusks

Size: To 75 mm

Color: Dark brown and light transverse bands

Distinguishing Characters: Seven spines on telson above primary teeth and denticle, hatchet-shaped dactyl of the raptorial appendage

Activity: Unknown, secretive in burrow

Aquarium Requirements:

Temperature: 22–28° C

Salinity: 32–36 PSU

Cohabitants: Large individuals could take very small fish

Aquarium size (adult): 40 l

Aquarium substrate: Sand bed at least twice as deep as animal is long

Suitability for Aquarium: Hardy, but secretive. Very long lived and slow growing

Availability: Very rare

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