Internet Turtle Resources

We've tried here to make as complete a listing as possible for internet information on the clade Chelonia. If you have a link you'd like to add, please contact the author of this page. As we have not yet reached the "paperless society" stage, there are also books and other literature sources that should not be overlooked; you can find a list of these on our Chelonia Literature Sources page.

Turtles are still somewhat slow getting onto the web, but there are a few excellent pages with abundant information on our shelly reptilian friends. Try the first few links first; these are the most comprehensive pages and would be a good starting point. Enjoy!

The World-Wide-Web Virtual Library -- Herpetology

Other herpetological collection catalogs

Amniota (Tree of Life)

Turtle and Tortoise Cove

Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee

California Turtle and Tortoise Club

The skildpadder information page (Turtle links galore!)

Turtle Trax -- marine turtle information

The National Turtle and Tortoise Society

Order Testudines

Subclassis Anapsida: Ordo Chelonia

Sea Turtles - U..S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Turtles and Other Tortoises

Asian Box Turtles

Endangered Species: Honu, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle

1995 Year of the Sea Turtle in the South Pacific

Herp Pix -- Turtles and Tortoises

Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga -- National Mexican Turtle Center

Turtles, tortoises and terrapins

Green turtles (and more) at Cal-poly

Museo di Calci: Turtles

False Map Turtle (and more)

Opuntia Cacti for turtles

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