Creating a Database for Comparative Hydrozoan Biology

During the 4th International Meeting of the Hydrozoan Society in Bodega, California, a commitment was made to create the most comprehensive database for comparative biology ever assembled for a diverse group of animals.

The idea is to gather data for a representative list of hydrozoans (perhaps 50 to 100 species) that could be used for comparative and phylogenetic studies. The types of data envisioned are life history characteristics, molecular sequences for several genes, nematocyst morphology, medusae and polyp morphologies, development, literature citations, etc. A Data Availability Matrix (DAM) will be created in order to identify areas that need further study. Such a matrix should prove invaluable for members of the hydrozoan community in seeking funding opportunities. Visit the Green Plant Project, an effort that is somewhat similar, in order to gather ideas for how Project Hydrozoa can best succeed.


As an initial phase for Project Hydrozoa, information and ideas are being gathered that can later be organized into a coherent strategy.

NOTE: As of August 2004, Allen Collins is in transit and has temporarily suspended new submissions while he settles into a new position at the National Systematics Lab. Please visit again in a few months.

PROJECT HYDROZOA IDEAS TO DATE, (started October 13, 1998)
Your contributions and suggestions will be logged in a list of Project Hydrozoa Ideas that will serve as a starting point for this ambitious project.