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Charles Marshall  Director's Letter, December 2017

This issue of the UCMP Newsletter is dedicated to our wonderful graduates. When I moved to Berkeley I knew UCMP was strong, but I did not fully understand just how important our undergraduate and graduate programs have been, and continue to be, to paleontology.

Over my now eight years at UCMP, time and time again I have met or learned of paleontologists that I did not know had trained at UCMP. A remarkable number of scientists in programs at all types of institutions across the country have called UCMP home. And so this year, our graduates have been recognized nationally, with Sterling Nesbitt receiving the Donath Medal for outstanding young geologist under the age of 35 from the Geological Society of America, and Caroline Strömberg receiving the Paleontological Society's Schuchert Award for outstanding young paleontologist. Moreover, one of our past Miller postdoctoral candidates, David Jablonski was awarded the Paleontological Society Medal.

Our graduates have also this year published some wonderful books, including: The Giant Spike-Toothed Salmon and Other Extinct Wildlife of Central California by Julia Sankey and Jacob Biewer (my daughter loves this one); The Rise of Marine Mammals: 50 Million Years of Evolution by Annalisa Berta and James Sumich; Collecting Evolution: The Galapagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin by Matthew James; and Origins of Darwin's Evolution by David Archibald. And last but not least, Denali National Park and Preserve Geology Road Guide by Capps, McLane, and Lucy Chang, our most recent PhD. The more I learn, the prouder I am of the impact everyone is having, and even more thankful for the privilege of serving as UCMP's Director.

Thank you all for what you do!

Charles Marshall