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Saluting our undergraduate students

Many of the UCMP projects described in this and previous newsletters benefit tremendously from undergraduate student assistants. Undergraduate students volunteer, earn credits from the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP), or are employed at the museum in a part-time capacity. As we complete the end of another academic year, we salute our awesome undergraduates for all their many contributions, including helping out on CalDay!

McKittrick project
Eric Holt, Melissa Mast, Elyanah Posner, and Sarah Tulga. Special acknowledgement goes to Elyanah for helping coordinate and train the URAPs in curation. Other URAPS and student volunteers participating on the project over this past academic year include Michael Tom, Kristy Cheng, Danielle Heinz, Michele Maybee, Patrick Sysiong, and Patrick Garcialuna.

Other collections and archive and projects
Julie Ding organized 35mm slides from the collections of Sam Welles and Joe Gregory for the UCMP archives.

Faris Katkhuda georeferenced invertebrate localities, focusing on California sites and writing protocols to be used for our upcoming NSF digitization grant (see Tidbits, bottom paragraph).

Eric Holt learned a range of techniques in the acid lab and helped Mark Goodwin process matrix from Ethiopia.

Jonah Phipps helped update the UCMP fossil-insects-in-amber database and also helped out Peter Oboyski on CalDay with the Essig Museum's entomology display.

Armita Manafzadeh worked with Pat Holroyd on CT scans of early Eocene mammals and with Jessica Bean on the Understanding Global Change project.

Chris Everett worked with Elizabeth Ferrer and Pat on morphometrics of early Eocene primate teeth.