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UCMP newsletter for February 2015

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Leslea in the Campanile
UCMP Curator and Associate Professor of Integrative Biology Leslea Hlusko looks at some of the Rancho La Brea fossils stored in the Campanile.

UCMP joins Campanile centennial celebration with a spotlight on McKittrick tar seep fossils
The UCMP scattered to pursue individual research interests

UCMP well represented at the 2014 SVP and GSA meetings
Student attendance close to an all time high

2014 UCMP publications
Our annual list of the past year's peer-reviewed publications

The Clemens Oral History Project: Funding goal is reached!
Interviews with some of Bill's former students to begin soon

Letter from the Director
A few words from Charles Marshall

Tidbits & Calendar
Notes concerning the people of UCMP and upcoming events

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UCMP benefactors

Past Issues
Online newsletters from September 1999 to present

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