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Friends of UCMP, May 2014

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Anthony Bernhardt and Lynn Feintech
Richard Otter
Ladd Coates
Harry and Arline Fierstine
Joan Pennell1
Dave Strauss
Harlan Spiva
Dr. Roseanne C. Chambers
Buff and Jerry Corsi
Karen Elkington
Noel S. Engle
Doris Sloan1
Kathrin L. Rankin (Claire Englander Student Prize)
Joan Deepe1
Monica Lynn Feltson
Susumu Tomiya
Bill Clemens Oral History Fund
Barry Albright
Robert Anemone
David J. Archibald
Nan Arens
Annalisa Berta
Jim Clark and Cathy Forster
Diane and Jeff Clemens-Knott
Elisabeth Clemens
Larisa Growe DeSantis
Lowell W. Dingus
Daryl Domning
Bob and Jane Engdahl
Mark B. and Paula Goodwin
Carole Hickman
Andy Krumhart
Jason A. Lillegraven
Donald L. Lofgren
Zhexi Luo and Sharon Feng
Priscilla McKenna
Catherine and James Palmer
David K. Smith and Colleen Whitney
Hugh W. Wagner
Susumu Tomiya

1 Designates a donation to the William B.N. Berry Memorial Research Fund.

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