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Understanding Science for the iPad!

How Science Works
Understanding Science on the iPad: Download the U course on iTunes

It's here! A new way for audiences to experience Understanding Science on a different digital platform, the iPad! Taking advantage of this popular technology, the UCMP partnered with the California Academy of Sciences to produce an iTunes U course based on content from the Understanding Science website. Entitled How Science Works, the course provides a dynamic and interactive approach to increase understanding of the nature and process of science.

Inspired by the science flowchart that represents a more authentic portrayal of the process of scientific inquiry, and guided by feedback from science educators, teachers, and frequent users of the Understanding Science website, the iTunes U course takes the user on a multi-media journey to learn how science really works—what it is and what it is not—who scientists are, and what they do.

Available to all at no cost on the Apple iTunes site, the course is designed primarily for middle and high school science educators to broaden their own knowledge and understanding of science, and to provide resources for their students. The course weaves together activities, videos, and classroom-ready materials into a primer on the process of science that mirrors the components of the science flowchart. From exploration and discovery to testing ideas and obtaining community feedback, six chapters highlight an authentic and engaging science experience for educators and students:

Ch. 1: How Science Works
Ch. 2: Everyone Explores and Discovers
Ch. 3: Testing Ideas
Ch. 4: Community Analysis & Feedback
Ch. 5: Benefits and Outcomes
Ch. 6: How Science Works Matters

Download the course to your iPad from the Apple iTunes site now!