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Global change in deep time: How the past informs the future
A pre-Cal day reception and preview of collections by UCMP curators, staff, and students

Dori, Robert, and Stephanie in the atrium Jason and Charles in the prep lab Dave Lindberg in the collections Pat and Seth in the Fishbowl

Click on any of these photos to see an enlargement. Left: Dori Contreras, Robert Livingston, and Stephanie Ranks (partially hidden) are enthusiastic about their research. Second from left: Jason Carr (left) and Charles Marshall (right) with a guest in the prep lab. Second from right: Dave Lindberg explains his interest in the rocky intertidal. Right: Pat Holroyd (right) and Seth Finnegan (behind Pat) discuss mass extinctions.

Smiles for guests Mingling in the atrium Sarah Werning
Diane in the collections Ash in the collections Kaitlin, Susumu, and Natalia

Click on any of these photos to see an enlargement. Top left: Theresa Grieco, Jenna Judge, and Jean Alupay are ready to greet our guests with smiles. Lisa White and Rosemary Romero (head turned) are at left. Top center: Curators and staff mingle with guests in the Wallace Atrium. Top right: Sarah Werning explains her work with bone histology to some of the guests. Bottom left: Diane Erwin talks about cycads and Equisetum. Bottom center: Ashley Poust shows off some impressive vertebrate fossils. Bottom right: Kaitlin Maguire (partially hidden at left), Susumu Tomiya and Natalia Villavicencio share their research with a guest.

All photos by Lucy Chang