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Friends of UCMP

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Maria Cranor
Robert Mendez
Nestor John Sander
UC President Mark G. and Mrs. Judy Yudof
Claire Englander-Trustor
Louis and Georgette Grivetti
Nicoline Chambers
Sue Hoey
Stephen Hoffman
Kevin Boyle/Telltale Inc.
Carol J. Munson
Adele I. Panofsky
Don Pecko
Barry Roth
James W. Downs
Robert W. Kirby Jr.
Karla Orosco
Bruce Townley
Dorothy A. Tregea
Cecile Weaver
Paul Babwin
Helen Bernstein
Jim Bonsey
Josephine H. Fong
Dennis T. Fenwick and Martha J. Lewis
John and June Hopkirk
Joseph W. Huston
Ralph Miller III and Gigi Babcock
Mehdi Mohtashemi
Esther S. Oswalt
Bill Perkins

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