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2011 UCMP calendar

UCMP celebrates National Fossil Day

The National Park Service and the American Geological Institute are hosting the first National Fossil Day on October 13, 2010 to promote public awareness and stewardship of fossils, as well as to foster a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational value. UCMP is joining hundreds of others in support of this celebration. On that date, we will launch a special online exhibit: Fossils in our parklands: Examples of UCMP service and stewardship, which will highlight some of the fossils in our collections that were recovered from park lands, both national and state. Many of the fossils were collected before the parks came into existence, and in many cases, such as the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon and the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada, UCMP was instrumental in the creation of those parks.

Also on that date, the 2011 UCMP Fossil Treasures Calendar will be available. Each month will highlight a photograph of one of our amazing fossils along with supplementary photographs and a short story of its significance. Each month will also recognize important figures in UCMP's history (e.g., February 26, 1823: Birthday of Joseph LeConte, first professor to teach paleontology at Cal). Support UCMP graduate student research and get one of these great calendars!

Though National Fossil Day is designated as a one-day event, UCMP will have the opportunity to extend the celebration to October 23rd as we participate in a campus-wide celebration — the Cal Science & Engineering Festival — sponsored by the UC Berkeley Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and presented as a satellite event of the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival taking place in Washington, DC. UCMP will join other units on campus in a community celebration of Science@Cal.