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A gift to UCMP

Campylognathoides cast

The name Campylognathoides is Greek for "curved jaw." Click on the image to see an enlargement.
Curator Kevin Padian recently published two monographs on the Early Jurassic pterosaurs Dorygnathus1 and Campylognathoides2. One of the many specimens he described was a beautiful, complete skeleton of the latter genus in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. It had been in that museum since 1933 but it had never been described. The chief preparator of the Paris museum, Philippe Richir, made a cast of the specimen and sent it to us as a memento of the work. We are greatly indebted to Philippe for this wonderful contribution to the UCMP!

1Padian, K. 2008. The Early Jurassic pterosaur Campylognathoides Strand, 1928. Special Papers in Palaeontology 80:65107.

2Padian, K. 2008. The Early Jurassic pterosaur Dorygnathus banthensis (Theodori 1830). Special Papers in Palaeontology 80:164.

Photo by Dave Smith