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Third annual GESRI — another winner!

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In the spring of 2009 with support from UCMP, the Genetics and Evolution of the Skeleton Research Initiative was started. GESRI was designed by UCMP faculty curator Leslea Hlusko to bring together people across the greater Bay Area studying the skeleton from a wide range of disciplines to share ideas, develop collaborations, and increase cross-disciplinary communication.

On Friday, September 10th, GESRI held its 3rd symposium at the David Brower Center next to the Berkeley campus. The theme was "The Shape of Bones" and included over 140 participants from anthropology, biomechanics, developmental genetics, veterinary medicine, chiropractors, medical research, and of course, a nice dose of paleontology. Speakers at the day-long event included Drs. Ophir Klein, Ralph Marcucio and Wenhan Chang from the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Eric Bartelink from Cal State Chico, and Drs. Craig Miller, Sabrina Sholts, and Tony Keaveny from UC Berkeley. UCMP graduate student Oliver Rizk also presented on his dissertation research investigating craniofacial variation in domesticated dogs. The plenary speaker was Dr. Phil Reno from Stanford University, speaking about his research on the development of primate hands and developmental genetic differences that are unique to humans.

UCMP provided some of the logistical support for the symposium and funding was provided by the Human Evolution Research Center at UC Berkeley and the Program in Craniofacial and Mesenchymal Biology at UCSF. More information on this and earlier GESRI symposiums.