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Congrats to Diane and Pat!

UCMP Museum Scientists Diane Erwin and Patricia "Pat" Holroyd are both celebrating 15 years of service to the University this fall. Both have made major contributions to UCMP and their influence extends well beyond the day-to-day management of the paleobotany and vertebrate collections respectively.

Diane keeps a watchful eye to ensure UCMP labs are in compliance with campus health and safety requirements and to maintain a safe work environment. Diane guest lectures in classrooms and participates in BNHM workshops. She is actively involved in research and fieldwork, and her dedication to paleobotany is "rewarded" by her participation as a member to committees of professional societies. Diane enthusiastically provides professional and curatorial support to a number of "citizen-scientists," colleagues, students, faculty and staff within and outside of UCMP.

Pat's experience with computer databases, statistics, and graphics programs often results in a day full of interruptions by those needing help on the above. She's not afraid to roll up her sleeves in the lab, help move collections, or give thoughtful advice to UCMP graduate students. Pat regularly volunteers in grant writing and record searches. She has active research interests in mammalian paleontology and geochemistry and regularly does fieldwork. Pat's service to the field also involves committee work in professional societies on museum collections, grant committees, and journal editorship.

To both Diane and Pat, a hearty thank you, enthusiastic congratulations, and best wishes on celebrating 15 years of service to UCMP and the University of California!

Diane Erwin Pat Holroyd

Museum Scientists Diane Erwin (left) and Pat Holroyd celebrate 15 years with UCMP.

Erwin photo by Scott Fay/Liz Perotti