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If you have not visited the UCMP home page lately, take a look! Thanks to Josh Frankel and Jen Skene, there are now constant updates to the home page in the form of "blog teasers" that let you know what is going on at UCMP — these link to a more detailed story on the new UCMP blog.

December teasers included:

Arctodus skull
Fossils provide baseline for mammal diversity
December 21, 2009 — In a recent paper, two UCMP scientists, Marc Carrasco and Tony Barnosky, used fossils to show that North American mammal diversity was much higher before humans arrived on the continent.
Irmis and Nesbitt, 2006
UCMP alums describe new dino
December 18, 2009 — Last week, two UCMP alums, Sterling Nesbitt and Randall Irmis, described a new species of dinosaur in the journal Science. The new species, Tawa hallae, sheds light on early dinosaur evolution — and the importance of the UCMP's collections. See more photos relating to the Tawa discovery on Flickr.
Ardi hand and foot bones
Ardi is Breakthrough of the Year
December 18, 2009 — Ardipithecus ramidus, the oldest homonid skeleton, is Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year! Ardi was discovered and described by an international team of researchers, including the UCMP's Tim White and Leslea Hlusko.

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Arctodus skull photo by Tony Barnosky; Irmis and Nesbitt photo by Alan Turner; Ardi drawings © 2005 Jay Matternes