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Friends of UCMP

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Robert Mendez
Nestor John Sander
Bill and Dorothy Clemens
Bruce Lander
William Ahern
Howard Bern
Todd Olson
James and Harriet Sanders
Max and Phyllis Thelen
Marshall White
Mary Arbogast
Andrew Bayer
Nicoline Chambers
Pam and Ted Davalos
Elisabeth and Carolyn Dobson
James Downs
Karen Elkington
Randall Irmis
Robert Kirby
Bruce and Jeanette MacFadden
Dorothy Tregea
Teri Curtis
Marian Gonzalez
Al, Sharon and Tara Janulaw
Mehdi Mohtashemi
Donald Pecko
Mary Small
Scott Starratt
Jack and Mary Stirton

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