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Cal Day is coming!

Cal Day
This year's UCMP Cal Day open house, to be held on Saturday, April 18, is shaping up to be radically different from all those that have gone before. For one thing, the museum is holding an unprecedented five lectures (four of them cosponsored by the Department of Integrative Biology), but that's not the biggest change.

Last year, UCMP had its "Fossils Roadshow" out on the lawn south of the Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB) alongside our friends in BNHM — but each museum had its own separate activity or event. This year, the museums will be collaborating on not just one, but three events.

Two will be held in the VLSB courtyard: (1) With specimens and materials from all the BNHM on display, visitors will see the same kinds of things — paleontological, biological, and cultural — that Darwin saw during his voyage on the Beagle; and (2) a timeline wrapped around the courtyard perimeter will highlight important events in the history of life and direct visitors to stations featuring displays, activities, live plants and animals, and scientists describing their evolution-based research.

The third collaboration is an expanded version of our "Fossils Roadshow" — this time it will be more of a "Biodiversity Roadshow," with experts from several museums helping visitors to identify their fossils, insects, vertebrates, and probably plants as well.

So as you can see, there are a lot of exciting new things in store for you in VLSB on Cal Day. You can get more information about all of UCMP's Cal Day events on our website.