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Friends of UCMP

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Donna and Ed Irmis
Elton L. Puffer
Zhexi Luo and Sharon Feng
Douglas Clarke and Sally Jo Rosenbusch-Clarke
Bill and Dorothy Clemens
Ladd Coates
Marian Gonzalez
Carol Munson
Donald Stapleton
Hugh Wagner
Helen Bernstein
Joseph and Susan Cerny
Karen Elkington
Dennis Fenwick and Martha Lewis
Sue Hoey
Joseph Huston
Barbara Judd
Janet Mendelsohn
Bruce Townley
Clarence Weinmann
Arlyn Christopherson
Pamela Fisco
Josephine Fong
John and Dian Mawby
Esther Oswalt
Frank Perry
Diana Prola
Scott Starratt
Mary and Jack Stirton
J. Hugh and Eleanor Vissor

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