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MIOMAP screen shot
MIOMAP allows users to easily find, map, analyze, and download information about late Oligocene through Miocene fossil mammal occurrences in the USA.
Charles Camp in the Petrified Forest around 1921
A young Charles Camp in the Petrified Forest of Arizona around 1921. Read about Camp and other prominent Berkeley paleontologists of the post-World War II era.
UCMP's MIOMAP: mapping the past to forecast the future
A web-based resource for reconstructing past ecosystems may help us recognize threats to modern ecosystems.

The development of modern paleontology at Berkeley
Part 4 in a series on the history of UCMP.

2006 UCMP publications
The year's peer-reviewed publications by UCMP faculty, staff, students, and research associates.

The implications of evolution: evidence and applications
Register for a new UCMP short course scheduled for February 10, 2007.

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Charles Camp photo from the UCMP archives.