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A Cal Day 2010 event: The Biodiversity Roadshow

Cal Day 2010 Biodiversity Roadshow
9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Valley Life Sciences Building courtyard
Cal Day, Saturday, April 17

Want to know what that weed is that's growing in your garden? Have you wondered about that fossil you have on the shelf or the interesting shell you found on the beach? How about that cool beetle your son brought home or that small skull you picked up while hiking?

On Cal Day, April 17, bring these and other found natural objects to The Biodiversity Roadshow and have them identified by the UC Berkeley Natural History Museums' experts in zoology, botany, entomology, and paleontology. A conservator from the Hearst Museum of Anthropology will be on hand to show you how to preserve and protect your natural objects.

Bring in live or dead plants, bugs in a jar, skulls, bones, feathers, eggs, fossils, seashells and other natural materials washed up on the beach; you can even bring printed photos of animals or plants. Come share what you've found with us in the courtyard of the Valley Life Sciences Building!

If you bring photos, the more information you can provide, the better. It would be helpful to have something in the photo for scale, e.g., a ruler, pencil, hand, etc. When and where you found the pictured item is also important.

The Roadshow will also have plenty of specimens on display, including live animals, that are likely to be encountered or found in the Bay Area. We'll have marine organisms, insects, spiders, reptiles and more!

Please note, we will not appraise your items or assign a value to them — we will only help to identify them.

The Biodiversity Roadshow is just one event in a science-packed Cal Day! Be sure to pick up a Passport to Science@Cal and visit the other science-related events elsewhere on the UC Berkeley campus.

The Roadshow is held in celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity and Earth Day.

Scenes from previous Roadshows

Scenes from previous Roadshows.

The two Roadshow photos on the left are by Mariska Batavia; the one on the right is by Pat Holroyd