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Invertebrate collection: catalogs and information

The crinoid Onychocrinus exsculptus
Onychocrinus exsculptus from UCMP's collection of crinoids from Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Most groups of invertebrates, geologic ages, and geographic regions are represented in the UCMP collections. The holdings include over 15,000 type specimens, fossils from tens of thousands of localities, over 500,000 Recent mollusks, and extensive reference materials.

The UCMP invertebrate catalog contains data on invertebrate localities and both type (published) and non-type specimens. Significant parts of the invertebrate collection are not currently available, such as the majority of the specimens from the general (stratigraphic) collection. For inquiries regarding localities and specimens not available online, please contact the invertebrate collections manager.

Data available through type specimen searches includes both taxonomic (genus, species, and subspecies names) and publication (author, date, citation) information. Locality searches provide information on location and age.

Localities for the USGS Menlo Park collection are being added to the UCMP database. Find out more about the Menlo Park collection.

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For information about our general invertebrate collections, see the invertebrate holdings page.

Crinoid photo by David K. Smith © 2006 UCMP.