The prefix in Lind-Lab is Swedish for Tilia sp. - the Linden Tree. Thus its use in our lab name is a double entendre denoting the lab's principal investigator and the importance of phylogenetic trees in our research program.

LindLab uses two logos. The primary one on the homepage recognizes Evolution, Development and Ecology as the three core areas of our research in Integrative Biology, while the placement of the cladogram depicts the central role of phylogeny in integrative studies - Phylogeny is at the center of Integrative Biology.

The "Dall logo" is more specific to the study organisms of our lab - namely molluscs. The disparaging quotes used in the logo were recalled by W.H. Dall in 1882 and had been directed at our predecessors in the early 1800's. Some issues in malacology (as well as many other fields) really never go away.

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