UCMP salutes Bill Clemens (cont.)

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Bill with crew in Ethiopia Funded by an NSG International Programs grant, Bill and Mark Goodwin led a field expedition to Ethiopia in 1995. Not long after they discovered the first carnosaur tooth from Ethiopia, Bill (right) posed with some of the crew. From left: Mike Tesfaye, driver and logistics assistant; Chuck Schaff, Harvard University; Solomon Assefa, National Museum, Addis Ababa; and C.B. Wood, Providence College. (photo courtesy of Mark Goodwin)

Former students on Bill Clemens
Don Lofgren, received his Ph.D. in paleontology in 1990 and is now Director of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology in southern California. Don refers to Bill as “a great advisor and a valued colleague and friend—I’m lucky to have been his student.”

Mark Goodwin, Principal Museum Scientist at UCMP reflects: “As I started searching for images of Bill Clemens in my slide collection of field work covering nearly 25 years as a UCMP paleontologist, I realized many of these field seasons, spring field trips, and travels were spent in his company. Bill and I worked together in Montana from my first days in UCMP and that work continues to this day. In between, we ventured to classic fossil localities in Nevada and California, to the North Slope of Alaska, and to the exotic terrain of the Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia. When he didn’t accompany me, Bill provided sound counsel and advice. He is generous in his time as a teacher inside and outside of the classroom, and for me personally, he was involved in many aspects of my undergraduate and graduate education. Bill continues to be a positive influence on my


tenure in the UCMP and is a valued mentor and friend. I know I speak for many paleontologists, students, and friends here and abroad when I say to Bill, ‘Continued good health, good wishes, and success in the years ahead. I personally look forward to sharing more time with you, Dot, and your family.’”

The Clemens Legacy

Bill was major professor of the following students (all at Berkeley except as indicated):
Tom Williams (University of Kansas)
Jay Lillegraven (University of Kansas)
Jean Firby
Larry Barnes
Sue Ellen Hirschfeld
Ron Wolff
Todd Olson
Hugh Wagner
Kathy Munthe
Colin Campbell
Howard Hutchison
Larry Marshall
Dave Archibald
Mike Novacek
Annalisa Berta
Bonnie Rauscher
Lowell Dingus
Marisol Montellano
Laurie Bryant
Dave Fastovsky (University of Wisconsin)
Mark Goodwin
Mark Mason
Nancy Simmons
Luo Zhexi
Carol Hotton (UC Davis)
Don Lofgren
Dan Garcia
Dave Polly
Bob Dundas
Jessica Theodor
Anne Weil
Tom Stidham
...and we could list many more students on whose committees Bill has served as an important advisor...not to mention all the postdoctoral fellows!

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