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The George D. Louderback Fund

George D. Louderback
Mission of the Louderback fund: To establish awards, scholarships and other educational support for students of earth sciences attending the University of California at Berkeley.

The George D. Louderback Fund is a non-profit 501(C)3 corporation. Membership is open to the faculty and alumni of Earth Sciences and related fields at the University of California at Berkeley and to others interested in the objectives of the organization at the University of California. There are eight Directors of the Fund, four from the Department of Earth and Planetary Science (EPS), three from the UC Museum of Paleontology (UCMP) and the Department of Integrative Biology (IB), and one from the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS).

The present Directors are:

Past Directors:

  • Walter Alvarez, EPS
  • W.B.N. Berry, EPS and UCMP
  • George Brimhall, EPS
  • Bill Clemens, UCMP and IB
  • Garniss Curtis, EPS
  • Bill Dietrich, EPS
  • Joseph T. Gregory, UCMP and IB
  • Carole Hickman, UCMP and IB
  • David Jones, EPS
  • David Lindberg, UCMP
  • Jere Lipps, UCMP and IB
  • Doris Sloan, EPS and UCMP
  • Carl Swisher, EPS
  • Tim White, UCMP and IB

Donate to the Louderback Fund

Donations are gratefully accepted to the Louderback Fund. The Fund is an endowment invested in securities, so that the income produced is variable from year to year. The only use for the income from the Fund is to award students who are interested in pursuing research, particularly in the field, on geology and paleontology. To donate to the Fund, please send a check made out to "The Louderback Fund" to:

1101 VLSB # 4780
BERKELEY CA 94720-4780

Your gift will be acknowledged by letter and receipt, and appreciated by future students and the Board of Directors.