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Special exhibits

A collection of miscellaneous exhibits that UCMP has put together over the years.

The geology and paleontology of the Caldecott Tunnel's Fourth Bore The geology and paleontology of the Caldecott Tunnel's Fourth Bore
Learn about the tectonic history and geology of the East Bay Hills, the excavation of the tunnel, and the fossils recovered during the excavation.
Fossils in our parklands Fossils in our parklands: Examples of UCMP service and stewardship
To celebrate the first National Fossil Day, UCMP highlights some of the fossils in its collections that were recovered from park and other government-managed lands.
Fossil eggshell Fossil eggshell: Fragments from the past
Discover what fossil eggshell can tell us about the layer of an egg — its anatomy, behavior, growth rate, identity, and more.
The San Jose mammoth The San Jose mammoth
Read the story of the 2005 discovery of a mammoth fossil in San Jose, California and the work UCMP did to excavate and preserve it.
Secrets of the stomatopod: An underwater research adventure Secrets of the stomatopod: An underwater research adventure
What in the world are stomatopods? In July 2001, a research team spent 10 days living underwater to learn more about these fascinating, little-known crustaceans in their natural environment.
Coelacanths! Coelacanths!
You've read about it in the newspapers and heard about it on the evening news, now you can learn all about the Sulawesi coelacanths from the UC Berkeley researchers who made the discovery.
Vertebrate Flight Vertebrate Flight
Visit our series of pages on the wonder of flight in vertebrates. How do they do it? How and why did flight evolve? What do a pterosaur, a bat, and a bird have in common? Find out for yourself!
<i>Dilophosaurus</i>! Dilophosaurus!
Visit a very special account of the discovery and reconstruction of this dinosaur. The exhibit is narrated by UCMP's own Sam Welles, discoverer of Dilophosaurus!
Vendian Animals Vendian Animals
Along with colleagues from the Paleontological Institute of Russia, UCMP researchers have worked extensively with the troublesome creatures of the Vendian. You can learn about these earliest animals in his exhibit.
Sabertooths! Sabertooths!
Visit an exhibit on some of the most famous extinct carnivores of all. Read about marsupials and creodonts who also grew "long in the tooth."