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This website is a project of the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

Web design and maintenance:

Design, navigation, content, and implementation are the responsibility of the UCMP Web and Education Outreach Team: Josh Frankel, Judy Scotchmoor, David Smith and Anna Thanukos.


Science content has been developed over the years by members of the UCMP Community including Roy Caldwell, Allen Collins, Jennifer Johnson Collins, Mark Erdmann, Tony Fiorillo, Helen Fox, Rob Guralnick, John Hutchinson, Michel Laurin, Kirsten Lindstrom, Anne Monk, P. David Polly, Sarah Rieboldt, Judy Scotchmoor, Brian Simison, David Smith, Brian Speer, Anna Thanukos, Ben Waggoner, Karen L. Wetmore and Colleen Whitney.


UMCP is pleased to thank the following sponsors of our website.

  • Sun Microsystems - The development of the UMCP website began with a group of curious, innovative and dedicated graduate students who first explore the web in 1994. The inspiration for that exploration was the donation of a server by Sun Microsystems.

  • Pacific Bell - Pacific Bell provided our first external financial support for the creation of a prototype module on the history of life for grades K-12 in 1997.

  • The National Science Foundation - NSF has funded several UCMP web-based projects, including Explorations Through Time (1998), Understanding Evolution (2001), The Paleontology Portal (2003 and 2006), and Understanding Science (2006).

  • Interactive University and the Berkeley Pledge - The Interactive University and the Berkeley Pledge have supported the development of digital curriculum materials through the ISTAT Project (2000).

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute - HHMI has funded the expansion of the Understanding Evolution website.

  • Friends of UCMP - Many individuals have supported the research and outreach efforts of UCMP over the years. In particular, the Friends of UCMP Web have offered support for the rejuvenation of the UCMP website in 2006.
If you are interested in adding your own personal support, you are welcome to do so by becoming a Friend of UCMP.