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Archive for April 2011

UCMP associate Harley Garbani dies at 88

We are sad to report the death of longtime UCMP associate Harley Garbani. Garbani collected T. rex and Triceratops specimens and many others.

Read his complete Los Angeles Times obituary to find out more about his wonderful career and association with UCMP.

UCMP's award-winning students

David Hurt, who is co-advised by Jonathan Stillman and David R. Lindberg, has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. David started as a Ph.D. student Berkeley in 2010, and is examining potential effects of ocean acidification on the physiology and behavior of porcelain crabs during their development. For more about David, enjoy his audio slide show.
Allison Stegner, who is advised by Tony Barnosky, has also been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Allison started as a Ph.D. student Berkeley in 2010, and is using the Quaternary paleontological record to understand how past and present-day communities are related.
Emily Lindsey, who is advised by Tony Barnosky, has received the 2011 George D. Louderback award. Her research on the exchange of megafauna between North and South America has taken her into the field in Ecuador and Chile.
Rosemary Romero, who is co-advised by Wayne Sousa and David R. Lindberg, has been awarded the Office of the President's 2011-12 Mentor Research Award. Rosemary came to Berkeley in 2010, and is examining how the abundance of algal propagules contributes to harmful algal blooms in coastal and estuarine communities. For more about Rosemary, enjoy her audio slide show.

Cal Day 2011 is here!

It's that time of year we've all been waiting for: Cal Day!

This Saturday marks the one day a year UCMP opens its doors to the public and plays host to a number of events aimed to expose all those who are interested to the fascinating world of fossils.

Stop by the Valley Life Sciences Building for festivities that range from digging for bones to learning about climate change. Found a fossil you need identified? Our experts have set up shop to help you out with just that. Don't forget to pick up tickets for guided tours of the museum collections early in the day (they run out fast!) and stop by the t-shirt table to check out this year's new design featuring the ever-charismatic Metasequoia.

For our complete schedule of events, click here!

Cal Day is a campus-wide event. Visit the Cal Day website for more information and activities.

UCMP's Spring Break in the Bay Area

It's a spring break tradition here at UCMP to organize a trip exploring the geology and paleontology of a particular region. In the past, students and faculty have traveled to places like Oregon and Baja. But why run off when there's so much to see in our own backyards?

In a series of trips to nearby parks, Integrative Biology graduates, undergraduates, faculty, and affiliates literally got their feet wet trekking across the product of the Bay Area's complex geologic history. From UC Berkeley's next door neighbor, Tilden Regional Park, to Mount Diablo State Park and Point Reyes National Seashore, we took an up-close and personal look at the physical processes that have shaped the local landscape and the rich paleontological record we are surrounded by everyday.

Stay tuned for future posts about the trips and the geology and fossils found in the Bay Area and enjoy some teaser photos below.