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Thank you, Roy Caldwell!


UCMP Assistant Director Mark Goodwin gives Roy Caldwell a cast of a Smilodon skull as a thank you gift.

At the close of 2009, Roy Caldwell stepped down from his position as UCMP Director. Thankfully, Roy isn't going anywhere — he will continue to be a Faculty Curator at the museum and a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology. Roy became the interim director in 2005 and director in 2006. Says Roy, "Acutely aware of my lack of training and experience as a paleontologist, the most I could hope for was to be a facilitator — and hope that I didn't muck things up. Judging by the high quality research conducted in the UCMP, the excellent students who have been trained in UCMP and the success of our UCMP education and outreach programs, I think that goal was met." We at the museum agree!

To thank Roy for his years of great leadership, the UCMP held a party in his honor at the end of December. The museum gave Roy a cast of a Smilodon skull as a thank you gift.

Join us in giving Roy a round of applause!

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