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Evo in the news: Fighting the evolution of malaria in Cambodia


Mosquitos like this one spread the malaria pathogen. Photo: CDC.

Evolution doesn't just happen in a textbook — evolution is happening right now, and one example is the pathogen that causes malaria. Malaria kills nearly one million people each year. The disease can be treated, but new drug-resistant strains of the pathogen, Plasmodium falciparum, have recently been discovered in western Cambodia. These strains are resistant to artemisinin, the most effective anti-malarial drug available. Learn more about the evolution of drug resistant malaria pathogens, and how combination drug therapies help prevent the evolution of drug resistance, in the latest Evo in the News story, Fighting the evolution of malaria in Cambodia. This story is on UCMP’s Understanding Evolution website and is released in conjunction with the Year of Science. This month's theme is science and health.