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Tony Barnosky talks about his book, Heatstroke, in Terrain magazine

Anthony BarnoskyClimate change is not a new phenomenon - the earth's climate has been changing for millions of years, and no one knows this better than paleontologists. In his recent book, Heatstroke: Nature in an age of Global Warming, UCMP Faculty Curator Tony Barnosky tells why today's climate change is different than the climatic fluctuations of the past, and how that will impact ecosystems in new ways. Tony was recently interviewed in Terrain, Northern California's Environmental Magazine. Read Tony's interview and learn how studying the fossil record helps us understand how current climate change is threatening wildlife and wild places in new ways, and what to do about it.

Tony will be speaking about his book, Heatstroke, at an upcoming public event, hosted by the UCMP. We'll post details about the event on the blog, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, read some of Tony's op-ed pieces here, and check out his blog.