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UCMP at the Bay Area Science Festival

UCMP joined the other Berkeley Natural History Museums, the Space Science Lab, Departments of Physics and Chemistry, SynBERG, nanotechnology experts, and a host of other science units as part of the campus-wide participation in the first annual Bay Area Science Festival – a 10 day celebration of science extending from San Jose to Santa Rosa!

Dave Lindberg gave a great talk on The History of Kelp Forests: Global and Local Surprises at the November East Bay Science Café and Rosemary Romero and Jenna Judge intrigued the huge crowds at the "fossil booth" at the culminating festival event at AT&T Park last Sunday! At last, it was revealed who lived there before the San Francisco Giants!

Under the umbrella of Science@Cal these were just two of numerous activities to engage the public of all ages and to share the value of science research at Cal. Read more on the Science@Cal site.

Science@Cal efforts were also a little outside of the box including science at local farmers' markets and in local art studios – see Art in Science.

And for more on the festival, visit Bay Area Science!