Archived Data for: Evolution of River Dolphins

Hamilton, H., Caballero, S., Collins, A. G. and R. L. Brownell, Jr. 2001. Evolution of River Dolphins. The Royal Society Proceedings: Biological Sciences, 268: 549-556.

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Cytb 12s 16s
Balmyst Balaena mysticetus bowhead whale X75588 U13079 U13102
Balphys Balaenoptera physalus fin whale NC_001321 U13080 U13103
Escrobu Eschrichtius robustus grey whale X75585 U13085 U13108
Megnova Megaptera novangliae humpback whale Fundacion Yubarta X75584 AF334509 U13117
Kogbrev Kogia breviceps pygmy sperm whale X92542 U13088 U13111
Kogsimu Kogia simus dwarf sperm whale Z15108 AF334482 U13089 AF334490
Phymacr Physeter macrocephalus sperm whale X75589 U13096 U13119
Plagang Platanista gangetica Ganges river dolphin University Museum, Tokyo AF334483 AF334510 AF334491
Plamino Platanista minor Indus river dolphin Z12001 X92543 AF334511 AF334492
Berbair Berardius bairdii Baird’s beaked whale Z4963 X92541 AF334512 AF334493
Mesbide Mesoplodon bidens North Atlantic beaked whale Z3858 X92538 AF334513 AF334494
Meseuro Mesoplodon europaeus Gervais’ beaked whale X92537 U13093 U13116
Tasshep Tasmacetus shepherdi Shepherd's beaked whale Z4971 AF334484 AF334514 AF334495
Zipcavi Ziphius cavirostris goosebeaked whale Z4967 X92540 U13101 AF334496
Lipvexi Lipotes vexillifer Yangtze river dolphin AF158375 ---------- AF248731
Inigeof Inia geoffrensis – Genbank Amazon river dolphin X92534 U13087 U13110
IggeoBR Inia geoffrensis – Brasil Amazon dolphin (Brasil) Z505 AF334485 AF334515 AF334497
IggeoPE Inia geoffrensis – Peru Amazon dolphin (Peru) Z11303 AF334486 AF334516 AF334498
Igbol Inia geoffrensis boliviensis Amazon dolphin (Bolivia) H.Hamilton sample AF334487 AF334517 AF334499
Ponbla Pontoporia blainvillei La Plata river dolphin Z7351 AF334488 AF334518 AF334500
Delleuc Delphinapterus leucas beluga Z7684 X92531 U13084 AF334501
Monmono Monodon monoceros narwhal Z8246 X92532 AF334519 AF334502
Neophoc Neophcoena phocaenoides finless porpoise Z984 AF334489 AF334520 AF334503
Phophoc Phocoena phocoena harbor porpoise X92533 U13098 U13121
Lagalbi Lagenorhynchus albirostris harbor porpoise AF084074 U13090 U13113
Lagobsc Lagenorhynchus obscurus dusky dolphin AF084066 U13091 U13114
Lisbor Lissodelphis borealis northern right whale dolphin Z1295 AF084064 AF334521 AF334504
Orcorca Orcinus orca killerwhale Z4664 AF084061 AF334522 AF334505
Psecras Pseudorc acrassidens false killer whale Z4522 AF084057 AF334523 AF334506
Souchin Sousa chinensis Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin Z10938 AF084080 AF334524 AF334507
Stebred Steno bredanensis rough-toothed dolphin Z1316 AF084077 AF334525 AF334508
ABBREV refers to abbreviated name used in nexus files for analysis in PAUP
Z NUMBER is the archival code for all samples from the Genetics Tissue Archive of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, CA
All hyperlinked Genbank accession numbers designate sequences generated by the authors and deposited for this study