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CalDay 2018

Mega Mammals Nick Spano Cat Taylor at Fun with Fossils

Top: Grad student Nick Spano with a fellow animal hat enthusiast. Bottom: Grad student Cat Taylor helping to identify fossils in Fun with Fossils, photo credit Jun Ying Lim.

April 21st was a beautiful sunny day - perfect for CalDay 2018 - the annual campus open house event. This particular CalDay was special as the campus continued celebrating its sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of UC Berkeley's founding. The campus and UCMP expected a fun, but busy, day.

Bill Clemens Fossil Whale

Professor Emeritus Bill Clemens showing off the whale skull in process of preparation at the Mega Mammals display, photo credit Pat Holroyd.

UCMP provided a myriad of displays and events starting with both our life-sized cast of Tyrannosaurus rex and a human-sized version of T. rex (performed by graduate student Eric Holt) greeting our visitors as they entered the Valley Life Sciences Building (VLSB). At the T-shirt table, we featured new Harley's Triceratops shirts based on the baby Triceratops found by Harley Garbani, friend and collaborator of UCMP's Bill Clemens. We also had ginkgo fossil shirts illustrated by Dave Smith and buttons at the swag table.

Daneil de Latorre as a Pterosaur

Grad student Daniel de Latorre shows off the wing span of a pterosaur, photo credit Lauren Fowler.

Museum Tours and Fun with Fossils were as popular as ever and in the courtyard with other Berkeley Natural History Museums, we featured fossils under the theme of "Armor and Flight." In the Fishbowl we displayed "Mega Mammals and their Mega Impacts." Cristina Robins and her team presented fossil whale skulls from the ongoing SFPUC Calaveras Dam site. This collection was recently featured by several local Bay Area news outlets. Also featured were fossil mammoth teeth and fossilized sloth coprolites related to current research being conducted by graduate student Nick Spano in the Looy Lab.

Jeff Benca Talk Lisa White and Leslea Hlusko Women's STEM Panel

Left: Jeff Benca presenting his talk on UV Radiation at the End Permian Extinction, photo credit Jun Ying Lim. Right: Lisa White and Leslea Hlusko participating in "Expanding Her Potential" Women in STEM panel, photo credit Lauren Fowler.

Our lecture series this year focused on "New Directions in Science" and featured Adië Klompmaker, Finnegan lab post-doctoral scholar and graduate student Jeff Benca of the Looy Lab. Also of note, Assistant Director Lisa White and Professor Leslea Hlusko were featured on a Women in STEM panel called "Expanding Her Potential" hosted by local science communicator CaT Bobino. The panel provided a space for discussion about career paths for young women and their futures as scientists. And with that, CalDay came to an end. This UCMP tradition continues to provide fun and educational events to the campus and the Bay Area community at large. We can't wait to see you next year!