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See Through Dinosaur Skull

Baby Triceratops Skull and rostral
See-through Dinosaur Skull

UCMP participated in the Berkeley Crowdfunding Initiative earlier this year in February.

Our See-Through Dinosaur Skull project received enough funding to perform the CT scan, the most important part of the research project!

Thanks again and Shout-Out to the following donors for their support!

Thanks to:

Elaine Bernal
Thibaut Brunet
Helina Chin
Douglas Clarke
William Clemens
Erica Clites
Mark Goodwin
Patricia Holroyd
Eric Holt
Randall Irmis
Rebecca Jabbour
Natasha Johnson
Uwe Krause
Teresa Lau
Constance Milbrath
Jason Schein
Tammy Spath
Carol Spencer
Allison Stegner
Linda Thanukos
Gretchen Trupiano
Sarah Tulga
Lisa White
Gregory Wilson