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Friends of UCMP, August 2017

We would like to welcome the following new or renwing members to our Friends of the UCMP

Marc * & Linda Currasco
William Clemens *
Douglas Dreger
Everett H. Lindsay *
Stephen & Barbara Morris
Kevin Padian
Judy Scotchmoor* and Roland Gangloff*
Roland Burgman
Carole Hickman
Seth Finnegan
Pat Holroyd
Mehdi Mohtashemi *
Paul Renne *

Daria M. * & Jay J. Ague *
Paul Babwin *
Philip Englander
Sean Ford
Lynn Gotchall
Sue Hoey
Michael Manga
Paul David Polly *
Julia Sankey
Doris Sloan *
Nicholas Swanson-Hysell
Hugh Wagner *
Mark G. & Judy Yudof

Roseanne Chambers *
Dennis T. Fenwick
David Johnson
John Mawby *
Mary Ann McCall *
Steven Rocchi *

Jim Bonsey
Alice T. Taylor & Taylor A. Schreiner
Susumu Tomiya *

* alumni