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Friends of UCMP, January 2017

We would like to welcome the following new or renwing members to ouf Friends of the UCMP

Suzanne Berry
Jon Charles Graff
Robert W. Kirby, Jr.
Ellen Essigmann
Zhe-Xi Luo* & Sharon Feng
Paul Polly
Don Pecko
T. Doug Clarke
Ladd Coates*
Phillip Englander
Robert Glass
Stephan Hoffman
J. Howard Hughes*
Rebecca Jabbour*
Joan H. Pennell
Leila Zaremba's 2nd and 3rd Grade classes at Cresmont School, Richmond, CA
Buff and Gerry Corsi
Helen Bernstein
Pam and Ted Davalos
David Johnson
Blake Edgar
Anders Truong*
Carolyn Schnurmacher
John E. Mawby*
Sarah Davis
Clemens Oral History Fund
Zhe-Xi Luo* & Sharon Feng
Donald L. and Margaret S. Lofgren
Catherine and James Palmer
P. David Polly
Diane Clemens-Knott and Jeff Knot
Elisabeth Clemens
William and Ryoko Clemens
* alumni