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What's New in the Collections

Cindy Looy poses with graduate student Jeff Benca in Death Valley, Ca. UCMP alums working at the Smithsonian NMNH.
At right: Dena Smith photographing the giant wing (13 inches!) of the fossil griffinfly Meganeropsis americana with members Christina Byrd (VMNH) (left), Susan Butts and Chris Norris (Yale) (right). At left Dena Smith (CU, now at NSF), David Zelagin (CU) and Diane Erwin (UCMP) look on. Photos courtesey of Diane Erwin.

Diane M. Erwin met with other members of the NSF-sponsored Fossil Insect Collaborative Thematic Collection Network (FIC-TCN) for their annual meeting in early November at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Diane presented to the group updates on the digitization of UCMP’s fossil insect collections by the Berkeley Fossil Insect team, which joined the FIC-TCN as a Partner to an Existing Network in June, 2015 (