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Zixiang Zhang
Barnosky Lab

Zixiang Zhang


Phone: (510) 643-6275

Web page:

"I am interested in understanding the mechanistic drivers of biotic responses to changing environmental conditions, and their manifestations in biogeographical patterns and population-level structures. Currently, I am investigating the Cenozoic evolutionary dynamics of carnivoran guilds, particularly in North America, through life-history and paleoecological reconstructions.

"I received my undergraduate training in hard- and soft-rock geology, but became interested in paleontology because of my fascination with the intersection of organismal, ecological, and geological time scales. Evolutionary history can be variably understood within hierarchical frameworks of time and space; thus, an understanding of mechanisms operating at all scales will provide us with a more complete picture of Earth's natural history.

"Alongside my research endeavors, I hope to also pursue my interests in scientific story-telling through verse writing. I hope to use poetry as another tool for communicating science to the broader public who might not have a background in STEM fields."